After 20 long weeks we finally got our first ultrasound and was able to SEE Baby Lo!

I’m so mad no one told me how cool the anatomy scan is for your 20 weeks; you’re able to see their heart pumping and all the valves, you’re able to see the details of their spine, their bladder, their bone structure and everything!

Baby Lo was laying on top of the placenta (oh god, that pouch is INSIDE WITH THE BABY?!) so the tech couldn’t tell her gender straight off the bat. She took a bunch of photos of all Baby Lo’s body parts and limbs which was really cool! The tech tried poking Baby Lo from my sides to try and get the baby to move. But Baby Lo instead slipped behind the placenta making it know there was going to be no moving or budging.


Here’s Baby Lo poking its little head out letting us know they were staying behind that placenta! It’s so cool you’re able to see the details of the skull and even see the brain placement! I had no idea we’d be able to see so much! I was so interested in what I was seeing I almost completely forgot about the gender. Bubba however, spent the whole visit searching lol!


Bubba hates this photo; he says its exposing Baby Lo’s hoo-hah to the world but tbh I don’t even know where the heck he’s talking about or what I’m looking at!

The anxiety before the tech told us was SO intense! I wanted a girl and we’ve only been dreaming of a girl for the last two years up until the last week or so. The night before I dreamt we had a boy! I never had dreamt we had a boy! I was so nervous I almost didn’t want to know any more lol!

Thank goodness it’s a girl!

Bubba’s sisters have already bought a bunch of GIRL stuff since I had announced I was pregnant at like 8 weeks, way before we could even tell what it was! My BFF had been searching my astrology charts and had been Googling my symptoms stage by stage trying to figure out if it’s a girl or boy lol! So we’re all really excited that it’s a girl!

Welcome to the family Autumn; we can’t wait to meet you ♥.


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