I’m feeling huge.

But I love this maternity top that Bubba got me from Target, I just wish it came in more colors.

This passed weekend we took an adventure!

I had to go to IKEA to get something for my vanity and trips to GP and IKEA are always so fun with Bubba!

We had Swedish Meatballs for lunch and our fav Princess Cake! I finally tried the berry stuff they gave you with the Meatballs since Bubba insisted I did — I usually just ask them to not put it on my plate but he ordered for me this time and it was really good together.

I picked up a Pick N Mix like I usually do and I saw Eat Street (from Brisbane that I follow on IG) had posted about these beans and they look like something out of Alice in Wonderland; they look really good and whimsical so of course I had to get some! I got my usual sour skulls that I love as well!


I had ordered Bubba’s stocking stuffers and had them shipped to the store so we went and picked them up. I also stumbled on this! I’m not a huge Anime fan or a DBZ fan but I watched it a lot growing up since my brother did and I would watch Sailor Moon. But I remember I LOVED Puar! Even though he was always mean to Goku but he was such a silly little sidekick and I just loved him!

Bubba says I can come back for him though lol! But I honestly just want Puar. I could care less about Yamcha lol!

After that we headed to Dallas to check out LUSH. I wanted the Peach Bath Bomb and it was sold out online.

I LOVE LUSH seasonal stuff so much! And I love snapping pics of them in stores! I also wanted the Eggplant one after seeing the fizz it lets off. But I didn’t care much for the scent/scent notes. Still, I can’t use it until I take product shots. The Peach smells amazing.

I also grabbed a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar since I missed out on it last year and I grabbed a few other things, including a Hot Oil treatment for Bubba. I’m always on the hunt for hair care stuff for him and I’m super excited to try this out. Bubba also picked out a few things.


We also stopped by Godiva to check out their new Valentine’s Day truffles. We picked up a White Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake inspired truffles.

The strawberry coulis with white chocolate mousse, bursts with the sweet and tart flavors of strawberries mixed with the light and airy fluffiness of the creamy mousse bringing an indulgent experience to your pallet. Decorated with pink strawberry sprinkles.

We also got Coffee Ganache with Caramel Swirl.

Smooth coffee ganache topped with light caramel mousse and decorated with crispy salted caramel in a milk chocolate cup.

And of course I got my fav Raspberry Star along with some Dark Chocolate Strawberries. I’m such a sucker for Godiva even if they are super rich and strong!

The Strawberry one was really good! It had like a Strawberry puree at the bottom and it was the perfect burst of tart! I’m hoping to get a box to do a proper review before Valentine’s Day.

When your fiance watches you take a ton of selfies in the car trying to catch the look you made and high jacks your photo. I love his fluffy kisses though, so how could I be mad! She’s so adorable.

I’ve been trying to play with colors and actually putting more effort into my looks lately instead of being lazy; I used the HUDA Nude palette for my transition shades, the HUDA Gemstone Obsessions and the HUDA Amethyst palette for my lid shades. They all have different shades of purple which is so weird! I also lined my waterline with my trusty MAC gel liner which I NEVER do but it wasn’t that awful to remove like I thought it would be. Paired it with the Colourpop Lux Lippie — I don’t remember which shade and it’s in my bag. But I love how natural the lip shade is on me. It’s like My Lips But Better.

I actually had never used it prior to that day.

But I LOVE how this look turned out!


Before leaving Dallas we stopped by Sprinkles to get me my Rocky Road shake. This time I got it with a Smores cupcake and not a Chocolate Marshmallow like I normally do. They also had their Breakfast Cupcakes out and I went next door to the cupcakery to grab two of the Fruity Pebbles one along with a Coconut.

After dropping off the other cupcakes to Bubba’s fam we ran over to Target to run some errands before heading home; we also did our Target registry. We have one set up on Amazon already but we wanted to do one at Target also since we shop there the most and they gave you a welcome bag. We also grabbed some hangers for her since they were only $1 and we gotta sort through some clothes we got.

Baby Lo has so much stuff/clothes already and all we did was buy her 3 outfits ourselves. I need to grab her dresser soon and sort through her stuff/her side of the closet.

I had so much fun going around scanning things for Baby Lo! Bubba wouldn’t let me put stuff on it for me (or you know postpartum).

According to TheBump, Baby Lo is now 2 pounds. And I’m definitely feeling it! My back has been a crap ton of pains and aches. But as long as she’s healthy and kicking… sigh lol. I do need to go get adjusted soon or get a prenatal massage. Or both!


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