I’m at the end of my 30 weeks and it’s so insane to think there’s just 10 weeks left until Baby Lo gets here!

I wish I had more to update on when it comes to my pregnancy but I’m pretty lucky that there isn’t much to report, she’s given me a pretty easy pregnancy.

Besides the things she can’t help like the aches, especially the back aches. The cramps. The nausea is slowly coming back as she’s starting to change her choice in what makes me throw up and doesn’t.

BBQ chips were fine earlier in the week and now they’re not. Any kind of milk including ice cream makes me throw up. I think Coke is giving me massive heartburn especially at night. So I’ve been trying to drink other things.

She’s definitely getting big and moving more; I wouldn’t doubt if she’s running out of room herself in there, poor baby.

We had a lazy day yesterday and watched movies and ordered pizza; Baby Lo I guess doesn’t like my choice of toppings because I had MASSIVE heartburn all night long and she threw up the tomatoes even though she’s pretty fine with them. I don’t remember if she liked pizza at all this pregnancy to be honest, I’ve tried to stay away from it. She’s been fine with other things like wings but I forget things like sausage gives me heartburn. Even with taking Zantec. So yeah, last night was pretty rough.

My last appointment went fine; they just checked for the baby’s heartbeat and measured my bump which both came back fine and on track. I’m now at 110 pounds which is insane since my whole life I’ve struggled to even hit 100, though I’m sure majority of the extra is from Baby Lo lol.

My bi-weekly appointment’s start now which makes me super nervous at how close we’re getting! I also have to take another blood test to test for anemia again for some reason… why can’t they just do that with the glucose blood also?!

Oh! My glucose test results came out negative, thank goodness. I read that it has nothing to do with your diet/sugar intake but how your placenta and body are compatible or something? I also asked my new doctor about info on midwives since I heard they prep you for labor and their help is useful for not tearing and staying calm in labor and she looked almost offended; as in she made a squinty face at me?! Like, uh ok? It was just a fuckin question. I don’t know shit about labor, isn’t it your job to answer questions like that? She also badgered me about why I chose not to breastfeed and about the DTap.

If there’s one thing I’m tired of it’s people telling me prepare to never sleep again! and bothering me about breastfeeding. The “not sleeping” comment irritates me the most. Or the fact people forget YOU’RE a person too and everything is “you have to do everything to make sure the baby is safe/protected.” or something along those lines. Like way to make ME feel insignificant. Obviously I’m going to take care of the baby that’s GROWING INSIDE OF ME but hi, hello, I’m a PERSON too?!

Maybe it’s just emotions, I don’t know.

Oh gosh I hope the insane hormones and emotions don’t come back, that part was draining!

Definitely spending this week adjusting to the new weight and her growing pretty rapidly at this point along with the food adjustments and trying to get things ready for her arrival!

Here’s to hoping I get at least a bit done in the upcoming weeks!


Also how cute is this sweat shirt Bubba got me? It’s so soft and cuddly!


One thought on “Pregnancy ↠ 30 Weeks

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