We had a pretty chill Valentine’s Day this year considering we have a busy February ahead of us;

Plus I had a doctor’s appointment that morning to do my last set of lab work. Thankfully the prick didn’t feel like ANYTHING AT ALL, it was so insane. I hate blood work. It’s more bad memories than anything really. But it went painless and quick. However I did bruise again, sigh. Maybe it’s a pregnancy thing.

After the appointment Bubba took me to get lunch at Pinstripes;

We had bunch here and I loved it. Trying it for lunch was pretty good as well. Bubba really enjoyed the bread even though the dip was Pesto. It was really good though!

I ordered the Roasted Cauliflower which came with pasta and Sun Dried Tomatoes and cheese. It was pretty good but I got a mouthful of garlic on accident and that was hot. It killed the dish for me. Maybe next time I’ll get it without garnish and garlic.

Bubba got the Ribs that came with parmesan fries, pickles, and BBQ sauce. The pickles were really good. I can’t explain what it tasted like but it was GOOD. The Ribs itself was really soft and fell right off the bone! I was debating between that or my dish. I think next time I’ll get the Ribs!

After lunch Bubba got me Joy’s Macarons and some Kate’s truffles, both of which are my fav!

Joy’s had a few Valentine’s Day flavors: Chocolate Covered Cherry, Passion Fruit and Red Velvet.

Kate’s I got some of our fav truffles: Lavender Apricot, Key Lime, Cookie Monster, Raspberry and 2 new ones Yuzu and Truffle Honey.


I also got two of the heart bars. I thought it only came in Strawberry Cheesecake! But we also found the Light and Bright which I’m a sucker for pate de fruit but that one also has lemon zest marshmallow?! YES PLEASE! I can’t wait to try these!


After picking up some yummies we headed to Creamistry to try the Valentine’s Day sundae: Cherry Chocolate Crush! It had Black Cherry ice cream, Chocolate sauce, Chocolate curls, Brownie bites and whipped cream. We added the waffle cone. It was SO good! I definitely want to go back and try more of their stuff!


After that we went home. And just relaxed. I also spent some time with Sophie on the balcony. It’s been awhile since I had. She’s gotten so fluffy!


Bubba got me a few things for Valentine’s Day that I got to open early.

He got me a cute new wax melter that has a light up tree on the inside and a plug in one that’s currently in my bathroom.

Along with a box full of yummy wax melts! Including the 3 I was itching to get that are new for Spring! I’m melting Cotton Candy Cloud in my room with the light up warmer and anything Cotton Candy scented is my jam! So I’m enjoying it. I mean I typically enjoy this brand but their sweet scents are always my fav.


He also got me this mug I’ve been wanting but thought was long gone! He had accidentally broken the first one so I fought him to exchange it. It’s a super thoughtful gift and one of current favorite mugs ♥.

Despite having a small Valentine’s Day I had a really good day.

Now to look forward to the rest of February!


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