We’ve been taking about getting married pretty much our entire relationship; I remember asking him 3 months into our relationship (before we were super serious) if he’d ever marry me in real life. I remember him telling me that you don’t marry someone 3 months into their relationship.


We met in June 2016 and got married in Final Fantasy XIV in July of 2016 and he’s been my absolute best friend ever since.

To be fair, he’s never treated me anything less than a wife even if I was states away. And no matter how much time passed. If anything he’s treated me more like a wife as the days have gone on. With him by my side I’ve never once felt alone.

We originally… well I originally I guess lol planned to have the wedding at Disney in about a year or two; when Baby Lo would be able to walk on her own. But Bubba just wanted to get married already and I wanted to change my last name to match Baby Lo’s before she came. So we talked over eloping and still having a wedding celebration later when Baby Lo is a little older.

So that’s what we did.

I had him pick a month and I picked a date.

I’m thankful that it didn’t rain that day since it had planned to. But it was really cold and a bit windy. And being in a dress 7 months pregnant was a struggle! BUT I had so much fun that day!

I had chosen a champagne dress since the baby shower is weeks away and I’m obviously wearing pink for that — I had always talked about wearing lavender like our FFXIV wedding but I remember Bubba saying I had to wear white to be traditional but I feel so weird wearing all white so I went with champagne thinking it was gonna be easy.

I had also talked about wearing shoes to mimic ruby slippers (my grandfather use to watch Return To Oz with me when I was younger and he’d make me a big bowl of Ramen… it’s one of my favorite memories with him and so Wizard of Oz and all things related reminds me of him. This was my way of bringing him with me) so Bubba went out and got me accessories the day before saying my dress was too plain. I’m a pretty plain person to begin with… I felt like the accessories were a bit much for me but looking back they complimented the dress nicely.

He found a headband to put over Tummy Tums so she wouldn’t get swallowed by my dress (yes, that’s a headband). Bubba made an outfit to match my dress.


We checked in to our wedding time slot and waited for Bubba’s sister (who was our photographer). Then we were directed to the courthouse. We were the only ones in there which was nice.


The judge said Jeska could stand so that the doors were behind us, so all I saw was Jeska scooting around under the desk in the corner of my eye and I busted out laughing a few times! The wedding went by pretty quick. Even though I busted out laughing in the middle of my vows. But thankfully I didn’t cough or sneeze!

After the wedding and getting a copy of our wedding license we went around the courthouse and outside to take pictures!

It was pretty windy and cold but we still managed to get some pretty good photos!



He was crap talking me and making me laugh while I was up there! But I love how these came out!

Tummy Tum’s looks huge lol.



The outside of this courthouse is so pretty! And so is in the inside.

There were so many good photos, I haven’t edited them all just yet!



My mom wanted some solo photos of me so I took some for her. Goodness Baby Lo looks huge in these also. Bubba’s idea for the accessories was such a good idea. I had a red bow in my hair but it kept falling out. Sadly.


This one’s one of my favs!


I wanted to go to Texas de Brazil for dinner but I didn’t want to stuff myself since it makes me sick and I would have had to wait 2 hours before they opened for dinner.


So we went to Joe’s Crab Shack instead and I got crab legs!

Then we went home and changed into home clothes and just relaxed the rest of the day :).

It still blows my mind we’re married!


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