And just like that our Tummy Tums is 3 weeks.

I know I forgot to write a bunch of blog posts that are suppose to come before this one; but I’ll get to that later.

Right now I wanna talk about the things I’ve learned in the last 3 weeks:

↠ People are different people when it comes to babies. And it can make you super uncomfortable and unwilling to trust them. And some people can get really really suffocating when it comes to YOUR OWN baby. Like dang give me time to finish bleeding and let me bond with my child before asking for her. She is after all MY child. Just saying.

↠ Newborns work in 2 hour cycles. Sometimes she can sleep for more than 2 hours and sometimes it’s less. I usually try to beat her to waking up cause yup even with my own kid, screaming still gives me a damn headache.

↠ All newborns do is scream, eat, poop and sleep. She’s opening her eyes more but she doesn’t really stay awake unless she needs something but not enough to cry about it. I call that “seeing dragons time”. She still can’t support her own head yet so it kinda just bounces around everywhere if you’re not careful. Clearly she can MOVE it, just not HOLD it 🤷🏻‍♀️.

↠ They WILL fall asleep during feeding. Then dream about eating. It’s the weirdest logic so far.

↠ BURPING THEM SUCKS. It’s possibly my most hated task so far. Seriously it drives me crazy.

↠ They will kick every and any thing while you change their diaper. Even get poop all over their foot. How? I’m not really sure BUT IT HAPPENS.

↠ Girl babies can pee on you AND their bassinet walls too! I’ve learned to put a towel under her when changing her and having a clean diaper prepped and ready!

↠ The amount of diapers, wipes and formula you go through in a week is INSANE.

↠ YOU WILL NOT EAT. People always made stupid jokes about how I should say goodbye to sleep but no one said I would have to say goodbye to eating! I eat once a day, if even that. If I’m lucky. Hell when I shower I tell myself “if she cries, she cries 🤷🏻‍♀️.”

↠ Newborns hate when you dress them.

↠ Autumn’s daddy spoiled her and now she sleeps better with us/if one of us is holding her. Transition into her bassinet is gonna be a bitch.

↠ Postpartum Depression is real; I don’t trust ANYONE to watch her besides me. I don’t want her anywhere without me. It’s so crazy that yo carry this person with you for months and it’s born and suddenly people think they’re not taking a part of you whenever they take her away from you. I’m even more cautious and worried since I’ve already lost 2 others. If anything happened to Autumn I’m sure everyone involved would be on my hit list. Legit.

I’m struggling the most right now with PPD and PPA and just not wanting to be away from her and tbh as a first time mom why should I have to be away from her if I’m not ready? I carried and grew her for months, can I just have some fuckin time with her without everyone asking where she is? AT HOME WITH HER MAMA WHERE SHE FUCKIN SHOULD BE. Like I said, let me at least stop bleeding out my vagina before y’all come stressing me tf out!

I can’t decide if time passed faster while I was pregnant or if it’s passing faster now. But we’re one week closer until she can get her shots. So yay.

Motherhood is definitely a challenge and a big huge change for me in lots of different aspects… I just wish people would respect that while I take time to readjust my life…


4 thoughts on “Postpartum ↠ 3 weeks

  1. OMG Yes to the eating! Sleep is whatever for me. I can take it or leave it, just lucky that way I guess. But seriously, I have no idea how I haven’t lost the baby weight. I get one meal a day if I’m lucky. Why does nobody mention this?!!

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