My mom finally got me my dream camera for Mother’s Day — The Canon G7x Mark II.

She also crashed my first Mother’s Day.

I haven’t seen my mom in over 5 years; I moved from CA to FL to work for Disney and I haven’t really been back home since. We always planned to see each other but something always managed to come up. And so, plans were always cancelled.

It sucked at first, especially when I was going through dark times and all I wanted was a hug from my mom and for her to make me corn dogs to help my throbbing migraines. But over time, I got pretty okay with it.

So when she said she was planning on coming to visit after the baby was born I was like: yeah okay, sure.

I spent about a week asking her if she had picked the dates and she kept saying not yet. At the end of the week  I figured maybe this was just another one of those failed plans of ours.

Then she gave me a date and a time. I assumed she was asking if that time worked; but she wasn’t. She had already booked the flight.

Which considering the last 5+ years, is weird.

It was also weird she decided to pick Mother’s Day weekend.

Regardless we set up a plan on what to do with her that weekend, including some fun stuff on Mother’s Day. The weekend went as planned and the weather was nice, so that was good. And she had fun watching the baby. This is her first grand baby by the way, I know that tends to make a difference or so they say.

We went to Brunch with both of our moms since my mom wanted to meet Bubba’s mom and I took a walk to my favorite chocolate shop. It was a bit hot so it was just me and Bubba taking that walk. After dropping his mom back off at home, we went to an outlet nearby and my mom took me shopping a bit then headed to Target and JC Penny on the way home to pick up some stuff then to Lanterns In The Garden!

I was super excited to go to this since we passed by it a lot and I had missed out on the lights and stuff for Christmas last year. The displays and lights were beautiful!


Sadly I didn’t catch a pic.


Bubba took a lot of pictures of and with me and I’m thankful for that!

I had a pretty eventful day and it was nice spending it with my mom ♥.


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