Crazy to think it’s been two years since I started this blog.

I know posts have been here and there and not as frequent as I had planned them to be in the beginning. And for awhile I even stopped posting all together.

But I’m trying to remember why I started this blog – it was meant to be an outlet, a place of healing.

Two years ago we lost our first baby after 10 weeks and I was so wrecked by it and even more wrecked that Bubba wanted me to not speak about it cause he didn’t want his family to know. So I created a blog that people would have to actually find.

And since then I healed; or went crazy and tried to get pregnant again. I can’t really remember anymore. But now two years later we have our dream girl. As in the one who kept coming to us in our sleeping dreams. Which is weird. But hey, she’s here. And she’s almost a year old.

And now I’m faced with new challenges to heal and to take care of myself; but that’s a different post for a different time.

Happy two years pxa.hxj!



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