Adventures in… celebrations; PIE Day!

I know these “National Day Of…” things are kinda silly but some of them I actually participate in like Pie Day and PI Day… anything really that has to do with food. I think I got cake on Cake Day once.

So I had brought it up to Bubba and usually I just do a simple sweet pie and call it a celebration, yay! But Bubba wanted to go beyond that and get PIZZA PIE also. At first we were gonna get Blaze but ended up just getting pizza from the grocery store.


Even his handwriting looks excited lol.

Bubba also took this photo, yay!

I opted for the flatbread mini pizza’s cause I don’t eat that much to begin with and I stuck with my usual chocolate pie, I kinda wish I had gotten a different one or tried something new but eh, there’s always next time. Bubba got the bigger pizza (which was gooood if it didn’t have so many onions) and the coconut pie (which was also good and which Sophie wanted more of).

I was editing these photos and I had texted Bubba the edits so he went to check his phone which was on the counter after he had started pre-heating the oven. Well he forgot that I keep things in the oven /)_(\ shit. So yeah, it sort of. Kind of. Started a fire. In the oven.

Which! Good thing I had texted him or he would had never noticed! Gahhh, things like that with life + timing kinda just trips you out sometimes.

He’s been telling me for months you shouldn’t keep things in the oven but like. I live in a 1bedroom right now and so I have LESS space than I did. I actually gave up ALL of my pots and pans when I moved from Florida so whatever I have we got together or my mom sent me little by little around the time I first moved here (my ex roommate who took all my stuff never PAID me for the stuff she took which she SAID she would — people, I swear. And she took my mixer and my coffee maker, grrr).

I have resolved into not putting anything/less stuff in the stove. And only things that are STOVE SAFE. But Bubba has also resolved to check the stove before pre-heating it. It’s a sort of compromise I guess, in a way.

I do appreciate that no matter what drastic or whatever event happens he never loses his cool and he never gets upset about the situation or at me for things that happen, it’s definitely a different experience than those I’ve had in the past but it definitely helped the situation that neither of us yelled at each other.

And it definitely made for a pretty unforgettable first Pie Day together.