Dallas Eats; Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie

I stumbled on Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie randomly on Instagram and I was intrigued by their different shaped Macarons!

We stopped by during the holidays but there weren’t any different shaped ones. They offer a wide range of Macarons and pastries. They also offer cakes and a bunch of other things.

Located in Uptown Dallas and tucked away in a corner it’s a bit hard to find but walking around Uptown Dallas is pretty fun!

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Fort Worth Eats; rise n°3

I’m a sucker for French eats, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise but I guess in a way it could.

I stumbled on rise n°3 on Instagram I think randomly — Souffle’s have always been my favs at Panera Bread and I’ve always hated they only carried them for breakfast so a whole restaurant of Souffle’s?! YAS, sign me up! And to find out they’re in the same plaza we frequent? Even better.


They start you off with bread. Very warm and delicious bread. And I love how you can slice it yourself. I’m such a sucker for bread presentation, I know.

I wish I had taken photos of inside the place as well since it was a really cute French cafe style set up!

We ended up getting 2 rounds of bread. Yum.

The menu wasn’t that big and we went around the holidays so a lot of their “specials” were holiday themed.


I went with the Crab Souffle because I absolutely love Crab. They didn’t have the Escargot one like I saw on Instagram or I would had gotten that.

Bubba got the Raspberry Souffle and I’m not sure if it’s because he got a sweet instead of a savory one but he hated it. He hated the texture because it was too wet. I didn’t try it for myself but I’m sad it wasn’t that good for him. His did look a little under cooked compared to some of the other ones I’ve seen on Instagram or even on their Yelp page.

Our bill for 2 Souffle’s and 2 drinks came out to be around $50.

While I did enjoy mine and I did enjoy the experience, that’s a pretty heavy price tag. But I’m glad I gave it a try!


My attempt at taking a baby bump photo after lunch; I don’t remember how many weeks I was in this photo but I do know Baby Lo was kicking me the whole time!

rise n°3
TCU/West Cliff
5135 Monahans Ave
Fort Worth TX 76109

Dallas Eats; Edith’s French Cafe


So far we’ve been to Edith’s about 3 times at this point and every single time we’ve enjoyed our brunch here.

It’s located IN Mockingbird Station which is a pretty cute little plaza with other places to eat, places to shop, a nice big parking garage, a Starbucks and it’s connected to an urban apartment complex (legit wonder how much those cost)!

My favorite thing to get is their French Onion Soup — if you’re a French Onion Soup junkie like me, this is amaaazing! It’s so comforting and hearty! The other thing is one of the first things Bubba actually got and that was the Short Rib Sliders; whatever that sweet onion thing in it is… it’s so good with the short rib!

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Texas State Fair 2018


I never realize how tiny I am compared to Bubba until I see pictures of us like, standing next to each other lol! He never seems THAT tall! But it could just be because I’m use to seeing him.

We got to attend our second state fair together recently! Just like last year we went on the last weekend. It wasn’t as crowded as last year but it was still pretty busy. We got there as soon as it opened though so we lucked out with not that many crowds until right before we were about to leave.

I had thought that being pregnant would buy me more eat time/stomach room buuuuut…. it kinda didn’t. I mean I got full faster than I thought I would, which was kiiiinda sad. I was hoping to try a few more things!

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Dallas Date Day!

I personally feel like we don’t go to Dallas enough!

There’s so much to see nad do and explore in that city! I don’t even know where or how to begin half the time. But when we do go, it’s to one of my favorite brunch spots and one of my favorite malls. Since I’ve been feeling a bit better lately, Bubba decided to take me on a Dallas Date Day.

We had a different set of plans but at times he likes to change them, so he did. Along with my outfit.


I can’t be TOO mad cause he did surprise me with the new Mickey’s 90th x Vans Minnie Mouse shoes I wanted. I have never owned a pair of Vans until now! I wanted the Buzz Lightyear ones that came out awhile back but I didn’t search hard enough for them at the time and I’m seriously regretting it. There were also these really cute Fantasia inspired high top ones I really want also!

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Foodie Weekend \o/

I thought to make separate blog posts for this but tbh there isn’t much to say. Beyond pictures of the food we ate I didn’t think to take pictures of the places as well. When we go back, I will and make a real post of them — some day.

Until then I’m just gonna photo dump our foodie weekend!


We went to tour another one bedroom model in the apartment complex I was considering on moving to; they have this delicious taco place right across the street.

I got the Chicken Taco with a Strawberry Margarita and Bubba got a Burrito.

There’s something incredibly yummy about perfectly pickled cabbage with lime juice. OMFG. I was in heaven. The beans and rice were also really really good! There’s a few of these places around our area actually but I like how close this one is to that apartment!

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Foodie Adventures; Melt Ice Cream


Melt has been on my foodie bucket list for awhile now, I think before I even moved to Texas!

Their flavors tend to frequently change so it’s hard to know what to go in for depending on what season you’re in.


They have two lists; Always and Sometimes.


I went with the Afternoon Tea from the Sometimes menu and added raspberry sauce and sprinkles to it. Next time I’d do without the sprinkles. They’re the bitty ball kinds and I don’t really like the texture of those I like the Jimmies much better. The ice cream itself was really good. You could taste the tea but in a really sort of comforting way! The shortbread pieces were delicious. If you like the taste of tea, I would HIGHLY recommend this! Especially on a hot day out!


Bubba got the Cup of TX from the Always menu.

For something that’s made with dark roast it wasn’t too strong. It had a nice balance of coffee and sweetness to it. It was definitely just as refreshing as my tea ice cream!

They have so many different and fun flavors here (I just wish they had more topping options)! And knowing they switch up the menu per season makes it even more fun! They also have Ice Cream Tacos which I didn’t get this time around.

MELT is located on Mongolia in Forth Worth. The same street as Yucatan Taco Stand but not exactly within walking distance. You’re gonna wanna hop in the car to get to this location!

Foodie Adventures; Yucatan Taco Stand

I had an intense craving for Fish Tacos and this is where Yelp took me.

Originally I had wanted to try another taco place that’s near an apartment complex I’m looking into but the craving for Fish Taco’s won.

When I lived in CA a place called Rubio’s was my absolute go to! Their Fish Tacos are amazing and I’m sad they don’t offer the Fish Taco Salad Bowl anymore. But since I’m not anywhere near somewhere that has a Rubio’s, I gotta find something just as good here in Texas!


I opted for 2 Fish Tacos, a side of Rice and a side of Corn Chowder.


Bubba got the Tequila Lime Chicken Nachos.

Which were pretty damn massive if you ask me! But they were really good. Hardly any Tequila or Lime flavors though which would had probably made it even better.


The Fish Tacos were alright. I enjoyed them at least. However the Rice wasn’t Mexican Rice I was hoping for and the Chowder was Corn Pepper, heavy on the Pepper. This soup had the elements to be creamy and comforting but it was just too much damn Pepper!


Yucatan is located on Mongolia in Forth Worth which I found was a really cute sort of hipster kind of area. There’s lots of cool walls to look at as you’re strolling down the street. We also stopped by Melt while we were here but that’s a post for a different day.

The menu the provide has a ton of really great sounding options and their portions are actually really big for the price. Maybe some day I’ll go back and try something else but the quest to finding the perfect Fish Tacos still remains!

Happy Lunar New Year!


I’m not Chinese, even though most people who see/meet me think I am. Especially when my hair is long and dyed. Sorry to disappoint, I’m full Filipino!

But my mom has always had a habit of giving us red envelops for Chinese New Year growing up and I even have my own money tree from when I was a kid that she made for me and my brother.

I’ve never actually celebrated Chinese New Year or saw any real life celebrations because I was in Florida for 5 years and pffft they have ZERO diversity or any notion to welcome other cultures. Surprisingly not even the China Pavilion in EPCOT celebrated! Though I saw this year DisneyLAND did throw a celebration party and it looked epic.

I was scrolling through IG (as I do, a lot — #shamelessplug follow our IG @pxa.hxj) and I saw an Asian Market plaza we recently discovered was doing weekend celebrations and Sunday was the last day. So, we went!

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