National Daughters Day

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

A lot has happened since Mother’s Day and a lot of my mood has had to do with postpartum depression which feels never ending — but I’ll talk about that on my mental health blog some day.

It’s come to my attention that a few days ago was National Daughter’s Day which I didn’t know was a thing.

Tums is officially 6 months today (but her 1/2 year birthday photos aren’t until this weekend) and it’s so crazy how much life can change is just 6 months!

She’s growing more into herself; she loves to laugh and stand and chew on everything from her hands to our hands and shirts to her car seat and she’s constantly trying to chew on my phone! If she can’t chew she’s can be caught licking our arm or wrists.

She said mama last weekend!

She also had her first fall off the bed the other day — as hard as I tried to prevent it.

I guess that means she’s growing up. And I feel like time is flying by!


You’re the joy of our days and you’ve changed our lives. Seeing your excitement and joy over the smallest things reminds me that there’s more to life than me and my OCD. You smile and laugh at me every time you catch me cry and remind me that even though shit can suck it’ll be okay.

I can’t wait for you to talk more and learn to crawl! To introduce you to new places and new foods.

I hope you always know we enjoy your company and we’re so glad you’re here.

Happy National Daughter’s Day.


We’re Married!


We’ve been taking about getting married pretty much our entire relationship; I remember asking him 3 months into our relationship (before we were super serious) if he’d ever marry me in real life. I remember him telling me that you don’t marry someone 3 months into their relationship.


We met in June 2016 and got married in Final Fantasy XIV in July of 2016 and he’s been my absolute best friend ever since.

To be fair, he’s never treated me anything less than a wife even if I was states away. And no matter how much time passed. If anything he’s treated me more like a wife as the days have gone on. With him by my side I’ve never once felt alone.

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pxahxj turns one!


I started this blog one year ago.

How crazy is that?!

I started it as a way to document our year after losing our first baby. I wanted to use it as an outlet for US and as a way to heal me through the disappointment of not knowing what went wrong.

We had so many things planned to do in memory of baby but most of those things ended up falling off or forgotten as the year went on. Then in August, 8 months later, we found out we were pregnant again.

Within those 8 months however were were lots of not so happy things that happened. And sure, that’s normal. All relationships have ups and downs and it’s normal to disagree and to fight every now and then but I don’t know why it always feels like our fights are so sad. We both hate fighting with each other and normally I like documenting everything but I figured some things I just didn’t really want to talk about anymore.

In 2018 the blog has 37 blog posts, 32 followers and an overall view count of 1,047.

Which isn’t bad.

To be honest I thought we had less than 37 blog posts! I’ve been working on growing our Twitter account and it’s just difficult for some reason. I always thought pregnancy/mommy blogging would be easier to connect with others with but it’s proving to be harder than my other blogs. Strange. I haven’t worked much on our Instagram like I’d like to, but it seems like everyone is suffering over on IG right now.

This year I hope to work more on both. To blog more and to document more of our pregnancy. I had hoped to document it week by week but it always feels like there’s nothing to say and too much to say; I don’t know how that works but that’s how it feels. I do have a pregnancy update coming up this weekend and I hope to keep up with updating the blog with more pregnancy news! I also hope to build a Bloglovin and Pinterest account for this blog as well as start up our YouTube channel this year.

We have a lot of things planned for the beginning and end of this year. Then there’s Baby Lo’s arrival somewhere in the middle!

Happy ONE YEAR pxa; here’s to many more ♥.

Pregnancy ↠ Glucose Test


It’s 2019!

That’s so crazy to think about!

It’s so crazy to see how fast my pregnancy is going as well!

We recently switched hospitals and doctors which was a bit stressful to switch over with the paperwork and worrying about not accepting me since I was so far along; but thankfully everything worked out.

Sadly they had me do my Glucose Test, I was trying to avoid this for as long as I could. I didn’t get to snap a pic of the drink but I got the Lemon Lime, they didn’t let me pick the flavor. It wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t say it was like a flat Sprite but it tasted like a super sweet non carbonated Sprite. It was pretty good and it made Baby Lo dance like crazy for almost 3 days after.

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Baby Lo is a… 🎀!


After 20 long weeks we finally got our first ultrasound and was able to SEE Baby Lo!

I’m so mad no one told me how cool the anatomy scan is for your 20 weeks; you’re able to see their heart pumping and all the valves, you’re able to see the details of their spine, their bladder, their bone structure and everything!

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