Hello March!


Its always kind of bothered me that February is such a short month, I feel like productivity wise I’m more rushed and time passes too quickly.

Now that March 1st is here that only leaves one more month until Easter since it’s earlier than usual this year. Which is also making me feel super rushed.

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Hello February!


I can’t believe it’s already the second month of the year and more than that I can’t believe how fast this month will zoom by since it’s not very long to begin with anyway!

Also, I’m thinking of writing a response to the post Bubba had made previous to this, it was totally unexpected and the sweetest gesture ever. I was having a really emotional fit probably because I was also feeling like I was coming down with the cold and I HATE being sick more than anything! And here he comes to my rescue, as always ♥.

Also I wasn’t hypnotized by his twerking through I did find it impressive he was able to make his avatar do that!

I usually post a goals list almost every month on my personal lifestyle blog (that I almost never really fully complete but it’s the intention that counts, right?!). So I figured why not do one here as well? Some months Bubba and I have specific goals for the month and sometimes we don’t. It all just depends. But if we do or don’t I usually like to set up goals for myself cause I’m forgetful af.

My goals this month include;
⇢ Read 3 books (to stay on track with my Goodreads goal)
⇢ Film/write reviews for the 2 books I finished in December
⇢ Post some sort of blog entry from now until Valentine’s Day
⇢ Prep posts/videos for Easter and Spring
⇢ Attempt to cook ONE new thing
⇢ Catch up on animes
⇢ Start watching a new TV show
⇢ Organize clothes and bins
⇢ Organize closet
⇢ Organize bookshelf
There is a TV show in mind I want to start that’s an Amazon Prime Exclusive called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We’re also working our way through Zumbo’s Challenge show which has been super fun to watch! The Aussies have a world of amazing food at their fingertips and I’m so jealous! I also want to take more photos for my gaming instagram account but my gaming photos I’ve taken recently I haven’t been a fan of. So I’m working on that! I also have a shit ton of other photos to post on our instagram that I need to get up.
Bubba’s goals for this month include;
⇢ Getting shelves done
⇢ Completing a collection
⇢ Play one new game
⇢ Create one thing
⇢ Cook more
His main focus right now is his shelves and I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like when they’re done! Mostly because I’ve lost track of WHICH TYPE of shelving he’s decided on. Though I’m hoping this gives us an excuse to go to IKEA so I can do that sour gummies grab bag of delicious Swedish candies again!

These were seriously delicious.

The left is a BANANA CARAMEL MALLOW which dead on tasted like Banana and Caramel. The right is a SOUR SKULL and I have a pretty high tolerance for sour candy as it’s MY FAV but these were sour! Oh I loved them! I follow a number of Swedish foodies on my food instagram (don’t worry I won’t link it — yet) and I guess it’s tradition every Friday for them to create a mix and put it in a bowl and it’s their mix bowl for the week. I love that idea! Though American’s don’t do things like that very often but I am a sucker for traditions!

Let’s see how many of these goals we can accomplish this month and how many adventures we’ll find  \o/