National Daughters Day

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

A lot has happened since Mother’s Day and a lot of my mood has had to do with postpartum depression which feels never ending — but I’ll talk about that on my mental health blog some day.

It’s come to my attention that a few days ago was National Daughter’s Day which I didn’t know was a thing.

Tums is officially 6 months today (but her 1/2 year birthday photos aren’t until this weekend) and it’s so crazy how much life can change is just 6 months!

She’s growing more into herself; she loves to laugh and stand and chew on everything from her hands to our hands and shirts to her car seat and she’s constantly trying to chew on my phone! If she can’t chew she’s can be caught licking our arm or wrists.

She said mama last weekend!

She also had her first fall off the bed the other day — as hard as I tried to prevent it.

I guess that means she’s growing up. And I feel like time is flying by!


You’re the joy of our days and you’ve changed our lives. Seeing your excitement and joy over the smallest things reminds me that there’s more to life than me and my OCD. You smile and laugh at me every time you catch me cry and remind me that even though shit can suck it’ll be okay.

I can’t wait for you to talk more and learn to crawl! To introduce you to new places and new foods.

I hope you always know we enjoy your company and we’re so glad you’re here.

Happy National Daughter’s Day.


We’re Married!


We’ve been taking about getting married pretty much our entire relationship; I remember asking him 3 months into our relationship (before we were super serious) if he’d ever marry me in real life. I remember him telling me that you don’t marry someone 3 months into their relationship.


We met in June 2016 and got married in Final Fantasy XIV in July of 2016 and he’s been my absolute best friend ever since.

To be fair, he’s never treated me anything less than a wife even if I was states away. And no matter how much time passed. If anything he’s treated me more like a wife as the days have gone on. With him by my side I’ve never once felt alone.

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New adventures and hand hugs

When I first brought up coming to see Bubba when we met two years ago he told me to wait it out a year… after I graduated college. But me being the impatient me I am, I didn’t like his answer. I decided to plan a trip to Dallas, TX by myself and if he came to hang out with me he did. If he didn’t then he just didn’t. That choice was up to him.

Our beginning as Hazel & Bubba wasn’t as smooth as it was for Penny & Axelyn if that makes any sense. I always felt like he cared about me at arms length. Like there was something just holding him back and it confused me and made me a bit annoyed for months.

I ended up booking my flight and a hotel in Texas and told him about it. He had agreed to pick me up but if he had changed his mind I wouldn’t had been mad at him if he did.

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Happy Halloween 🎃!

I can’t believe how faaaaast this month just zipped on by and how fast this year is passing!

Ironically Bubba and I haven’t spent a Halloween together like in person yet lmao!

Last year I got hit with the flu for 24hrs and slept the majority of the day only getting up twice — it was awful! Only to find out the next day I was pregnant 😂.

This year he has work so I actually won’t be seeing him until tomorrow night!

We didn’t take our annual Fall/Halloween photos either since our FFXIV subs ran out and life has been taking us elsewhere lately… but it’s all good!

Instead here’s some throwbacks of our first Fall together in 2016 and from last Fall in 2017.

So many exciting things have been happening and I’ve been seriously slacking on blogging AND updating our IG; now I feel like I’m playing catch up today!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Happy 2 years~!


Two years ago I married my best friend in a different world.

I can’t believe it’s been two whole years since then! Time truly does fly when you’re having fun, I guess. Because it definitely doesn’t feel like two years. It feels like we just got married. But thinking of the span of time from this day to today and everything that has happened between is crazy.

I’m thankful for this moment. For this day. For the friends that were once family and though they’re not anymore I still keep these memories close to me. I’m thankful for the man by my side who did everything in his power to be there for me — a random girl he met on a video game states away and how he never left my side.

I definitely didn’t know what I was getting into when I decided to say yes to Sir Penny’puss.


This boy with his smooth lines, sexy catboi and his sexy glamours who for the last two years since we became friends had made sure that I go to sleep every single night with a smile on my face. Who’s never taken his eyes or his attention off of me.

(Don’t worry, my hotbar doesn’t look like that anymore)

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Foodie Weekend \o/

I thought to make separate blog posts for this but tbh there isn’t much to say. Beyond pictures of the food we ate I didn’t think to take pictures of the places as well. When we go back, I will and make a real post of them — some day.

Until then I’m just gonna photo dump our foodie weekend!


We went to tour another one bedroom model in the apartment complex I was considering on moving to; they have this delicious taco place right across the street.

I got the Chicken Taco with a Strawberry Margarita and Bubba got a Burrito.

There’s something incredibly yummy about perfectly pickled cabbage with lime juice. OMFG. I was in heaven. The beans and rice were also really really good! There’s a few of these places around our area actually but I like how close this one is to that apartment!

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Foodie Adventures; Melt Ice Cream


Melt has been on my foodie bucket list for awhile now, I think before I even moved to Texas!

Their flavors tend to frequently change so it’s hard to know what to go in for depending on what season you’re in.


They have two lists; Always and Sometimes.


I went with the Afternoon Tea from the Sometimes menu and added raspberry sauce and sprinkles to it. Next time I’d do without the sprinkles. They’re the bitty ball kinds and I don’t really like the texture of those I like the Jimmies much better. The ice cream itself was really good. You could taste the tea but in a really sort of comforting way! The shortbread pieces were delicious. If you like the taste of tea, I would HIGHLY recommend this! Especially on a hot day out!


Bubba got the Cup of TX from the Always menu.

For something that’s made with dark roast it wasn’t too strong. It had a nice balance of coffee and sweetness to it. It was definitely just as refreshing as my tea ice cream!

They have so many different and fun flavors here (I just wish they had more topping options)! And knowing they switch up the menu per season makes it even more fun! They also have Ice Cream Tacos which I didn’t get this time around.

MELT is located on Mongolia in Forth Worth. The same street as Yucatan Taco Stand but not exactly within walking distance. You’re gonna wanna hop in the car to get to this location!

Foodie Adventures; Yucatan Taco Stand

I had an intense craving for Fish Tacos and this is where Yelp took me.

Originally I had wanted to try another taco place that’s near an apartment complex I’m looking into but the craving for Fish Taco’s won.

When I lived in CA a place called Rubio’s was my absolute go to! Their Fish Tacos are amazing and I’m sad they don’t offer the Fish Taco Salad Bowl anymore. But since I’m not anywhere near somewhere that has a Rubio’s, I gotta find something just as good here in Texas!


I opted for 2 Fish Tacos, a side of Rice and a side of Corn Chowder.


Bubba got the Tequila Lime Chicken Nachos.

Which were pretty damn massive if you ask me! But they were really good. Hardly any Tequila or Lime flavors though which would had probably made it even better.


The Fish Tacos were alright. I enjoyed them at least. However the Rice wasn’t Mexican Rice I was hoping for and the Chowder was Corn Pepper, heavy on the Pepper. This soup had the elements to be creamy and comforting but it was just too much damn Pepper!


Yucatan is located on Mongolia in Forth Worth which I found was a really cute sort of hipster kind of area. There’s lots of cool walls to look at as you’re strolling down the street. We also stopped by Melt while we were here but that’s a post for a different day.

The menu the provide has a ton of really great sounding options and their portions are actually really big for the price. Maybe some day I’ll go back and try something else but the quest to finding the perfect Fish Tacos still remains!