Dear Tummy Tums…

I can’t believe you’re six weeks old!

I still have a hard time believing you’re real and you’re here. Is that weird?

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Pregnancy ↠ Morning Sickness Tips


It’s so crazy that now I’m in my third trimester I can look back at my first trimester and write about it. I struggle a bit with documenting this pregnancy — I thought I’d have a lot to say since technically a lot goes on but for some reason I never know what to say.

Every pregnancy is different; which kinda sucks. Especially when you’re looking for morning sickness relief.

I love Ginger Dressing in my salad’s when I’m getting Sushi but I hate the general taste of Ginger. It’s spicy to me and not in a good way! So drinking Ginger Tea or sucking on Ginger candy was not going to work! Sour candy helped me in previous pregnancies but this pregnancy sour candy didn’t do anything for me. At all.

I just asked Bubba about foods I could eat versus what I couldn’t eat and he just laughed and said that list was longer than the first one.

These bands? Yeah they didn’t help either.

So here’s my short list of things that did help:

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Pregnancy ↠ Glucose Test


It’s 2019!

That’s so crazy to think about!

It’s so crazy to see how fast my pregnancy is going as well!

We recently switched hospitals and doctors which was a bit stressful to switch over with the paperwork and worrying about not accepting me since I was so far along; but thankfully everything worked out.

Sadly they had me do my Glucose Test, I was trying to avoid this for as long as I could. I didn’t get to snap a pic of the drink but I got the Lemon Lime, they didn’t let me pick the flavor. It wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t say it was like a flat Sprite but it tasted like a super sweet non carbonated Sprite. It was pretty good and it made Baby Lo dance like crazy for almost 3 days after.

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Baby Lo is a… 🎀!


After 20 long weeks we finally got our first ultrasound and was able to SEE Baby Lo!

I’m so mad no one told me how cool the anatomy scan is for your 20 weeks; you’re able to see their heart pumping and all the valves, you’re able to see the details of their spine, their bladder, their bone structure and everything!

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We’re Pregnant!


Things have been a bit quiet and this is pretty much why!

I blogged about it on my own personal lifestyle blog hazearella but I figured this blog also deserves its own post since it’s dedicated to our life together.

I’m officially as of today a few days over 14 weeks which is CRAZY to think about. Of 3 pregnancies, this is my longest one. I would be lying if I said I had hope it would be a successful/normal pregnancy — I’d be lying if I said I had expected to not miscarry.

Hitting 12 weeks was probably the biggest shock to me. I had expected to miscarry since I had been told there’s no way I’d ever be able to maintain a full healthy pregnancy after the miscarriage from last year. I also heard that your next pregnancy would put you at high risk but despite that the doctor had not put me on high risk this time.

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