Hello Blog world. 99% of the post from this page will be written by Hazel. However today she isnt feeling well, she’s feeling overwhelmed and thinking shes not cut out for the blogging scene she grew to love years ago before her failed relationships. So i decided to take over and show here that run on sentences and grammar mistakes and still make for a decent blog post. All that matters is that you stay true to yourself and let people see you for who you are.

I am going to go ahead and apologize to the people who read this for how sloppy this post is written but please bare with me people. At least while I explain to this Amazing woman in my life just what it is that makes her the girl I want by my side through all the challenges life has to throw at me. I know shes going to read this so Hazel… Please hold the tears until the end babe im sure everyone knows how hard it is to read with tears in your eyes 🙂

When I first met Hazel, I was running in circles, giving everyone hugs and twerking on them. Now before you get the wrong idea it was my avatar in FFXIV which is a video game her and I play. However thats a story for another blog. I guess my twerking had hypnotized her because since then she was interested. Maybe it was the ear wiggles my avatar would do or the pig outfit he had on but since then she and I would play together every day just talking about what gear we wanted to unlock or what a pain leveling can be sometimes.

Through these daily conversations i grew to like this girl even though ive never saw her. I remember saying to myself and to her I wont date a girl from a video game. But no that didnt stop her from chasing me, now looking back at that time im beyond happy that she didnt let me get away. That she pushed and pushed until eventually she was departing Florida and visiting me here in Texas.

Those trips she took to visit me were the best weekends of my life. After 2 trips of her coming by to visit me i took a week off of work and hopped on that metal demon in the sky they call a plane and i headed to florida to spend a week at Disney world for her birthday. I was so happy to finally see all the attractions i would hear her geek out about while facetiming her three states apart, from each other.

In July 2017 she moved down to Texas just a few days before my birthday. Talk about the best birthday present ever; Am I right?! Since shes been here its been never ending fun. From going to new restaurants, to standing in line just to play upcoming Nintendo games at the mall.

Life has brought us our fair share of ups and downs especially around the times you would want to be the most cheerful but for someone who thinks she is weak i have seen her fight through so much. And i will stay by her side through it all because i know she would do the same for me even though her mind tries to make her do thing she doesnt want to and her OCD takes over at times when she would rather get dirty she manages to get through and ill be sure to hold her through it all.

She has brought out the adventurer in me that I didnt know was there. And shes given me a reason to be the lover a wonderful girl like her deserves.

She used to ask me “Where did you come from?” Trying to see why a guy like me was single well the answer is simple i didnt go out much before and when I did i didnt share many interests with the people i went out with. However with you theres so much between us that we share common interest in however theres also so much between us that we never even bothered trying until we found each other.

Hazel I know you’re struggling to find blog content and I’m here to let you know that I may need some work when it comes to this but im here to support you and help in any way that I can.  Then again it would probably help if i actually used a computer and not my phone.

Im writing this post for a girl. No shes not always the happiest she could be, and no she doesnt always have the self esteem of a god. But she still showed me a world worth living in and I dont want to live in it without her. So again I’ll say; I’m writing this blog post for a girl. The girl I love most… Hazel Abatayo 😉

Ps. Im gonna need you to teach me how to add pictures.


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