It’s so crazy that now I’m in my third trimester I can look back at my first trimester and write about it. I struggle a bit with documenting this pregnancy — I thought I’d have a lot to say since technically a lot goes on but for some reason I never know what to say.

Every pregnancy is different; which kinda sucks. Especially when you’re looking for morning sickness relief.

I love Ginger Dressing in my salad’s when I’m getting Sushi but I hate the general taste of Ginger. It’s spicy to me and not in a good way! So drinking Ginger Tea or sucking on Ginger candy was not going to work! Sour candy helped me in previous pregnancies but this pregnancy sour candy didn’t do anything for me. At all.

I just asked Bubba about foods I could eat versus what I couldn’t eat and he just laughed and said that list was longer than the first one.

These bands? Yeah they didn’t help either.

So here’s my short list of things that did help:


This was one thing I wasn’t expecting to help! It was actually a suggestion from a friend when I mentioned that being in the car made me nauseous. I started with Bubble Tape which really helped, especially after eating and having to get back in the car. Then I started carrying Hubba Bubba gum with me in my purse. Total lifesaver!


I’m actually snacking on my laaaaaaaast can right now lol!

I would eat these every night before taking my nightly shower and heading bed and it really helped keep the nausea at bay at least until I got into bed. I later found an article somewhere that said the syrup helps with nausea, I forget why but I was like huh, good to know. I had the peach cups but my preference has always been the canned version in HEAVY syrup #90skid.


This was another one I wasn’t expecting would help! The Cherry and Sour Apple ones helped the best! I’m just sad the gum on the inside isn’t as much as I had hoped! But it was a nice little treat while trying to calm my nausea down.

Annnnnnnnd that was pretty much all that really helped me. I know, what a massively short list.

The first trimester and morning sickness was hard ya’ll.

I started getting anxiety before and after throwing up because of how often I was throwing up. And the list of things that made me auto throw up (Rice, Orange Juice, Chocolate…) was pretty long. Adjusting to the growing baby and adjusting to what you can and can’t stomach is no easy task and it’s easy to forget what does make you sick.

My first pregnancy Preggie Pops helped SO much but this pregnancy it didn’t seem to do anything for me nor did I even think they tasted good this time around! It was so sad!

It takes some testing around and trying what works for you; like I said the main struggle is how everyone is totally different so finding what works for you can be difficult sometimes.

But hopefully your morning sickness only lasts as far as the first trimester!


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